Salt Bae – Iced Blue Raspberry Lemonade 30ml (25 , 50 mg)


Everyone loves lemonade, and Salt Bae Blue Raspberry Lemonade delivers a tangy jolt that is chilled out with just the right amount of ice. Every puff is like drinking a cup of fresh, cool lemonade on a hot summer day—refreshing and tasty.

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Salt Bae – ICED Blue Raspberry Lemonade 30ml (25 , 50 mg)

This salt and liquid will make you feel refreshed and remind you of the savory summer drink, for which you may always want to refresh yourself. Salt Bae 50 E Liquid adds Iced Blue Raspberry Lemonade to its exquisite and unforgettable collection of liquid products. If you take a pull from this salt and liquid, you can savor the savory blue fragrances ready to begin to indulge. It provides a very sweet taste that completes any other fruit with which it is combined. Suddenly, there is a wave of fresh lemonade going into the mouth to appear to be swimming in a pool of blue raspberries. As you start to focus on the flavor this salt liquid has to offer, you may begin to realize that it gives you a sweet and sour combination that many of us enjoy. Your face may pup, but nothing too crazy, because your mouth knows that you expect this to be a lot more flavor. The more! The merrier! You begin to think Blue Raspberry Lemonade could take over the lemonade industry, because it’s too rich a juice. When you start exhaling, you can see that the clouds that leave your mouth grow bigger and bigger. However, these clouds are not attractive to you, since Saltbae50 E Liquids always find a way to sneak in. It is part of the experience many love to meet. There is enough salt and liquid for you to enjoy, so don’t feel like you’ll have to pull so quickly. There’s plenty to do with Blue Raspberry Lemonade!

This vape juice from Salt Bae50 arrives in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an even VG/PG base ??

Every hit of this nicotine salt e-liquid truly is unbelievably clean and crisp.

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, Beverage, ICE

Nicotine Strength: 25mg, 50mg

VG/PG Ratio: 50% PG / 50% VG

Bottle Sizes: 30ml

Salt Bae 50 collection consists of high-end e liquids that are made with the best nicotine salts on the planet and will take your vaping game to the next level by providing mouth-watering flavors that boast powerful, high-quality nicotine.

Recommended for use with: Pod System Devices

Not recommend for use with RDAs or sub-ohm tank devices.

Saltbae50 delivers incredible, quality handcrafted e-liquid blends that contain top-notch ingredients that vapers are going to enjoy. Their fruity, sweet, and tobacco nicotine salts will rock your world.

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Nicotine Strength

25mg, 50mg


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