Cloud Street is one of the earliest Vape Shops in Pakistan. We started small, but today we boast one of the most extensive collections of Vapes and E-liquids in Pakistan. We offer our collection through our online store and multiple outlets in Boltan and Tariq Road, Karachi.


Our mission is to help people get rid of smoking and switch to a much safer alternative. So far, we have helped thousands of users make the switch & quit smoking for good.

We aim to use superior customer service and unmatchable after-sales to help our customers achieve their goal of a smoke-free lifestyle.

Cloud Street’s Founder

Adam Muhammad Farooq

As the visionary founder of our distinguished vape store, Adam Muhammad Farooq stands as a driving force behind our establishment's success and commitment to providing exceptional vaping products and experiences. With an innovative spirit and a deep passion for the vaping industry, Adam Muhammad Farooq has been instrumental in shaping our store into a thriving hub for vaping enthusiasts.

Adam Muhammad Farooq possesses a profound understanding of the evolving trends and technologies within the vaping world, which has significantly contributed to the curated selection of high-quality products offered at our store. Their keen eye for emerging innovations ensures that our shelves showcase the latest and most advanced vaping devices, e-liquids, and accessories, catering to a diverse clientele with varying preferences.

Beyond their expertise in product curation, Adam Muhammad Farooq fosters a welcoming and knowledgeable environment within our store. Their dedication to customer service and satisfaction is evident in the personalized attention and guidance provided to each patron, creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for both seasoned vapers and beginners alike.

Furthermore, Adam Muhammad Farooq has been instrumental in cultivating strong relationships with top industry suppliers, ensuring that our store consistently maintains a stock of premium and authentic vaping merchandise.

Through Adam Muhammad Farooq's leadership, our vape store has not only become a go-to destination for quality vaping products but also a community hub where individuals can gather, learn, and share their passion for vaping. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer-focused approach continues to drive our store's success, making it a beacon in the vaping retail landscape.

Founder’s Message

Tobacco kills

Tobacco kills over 163,600 people each year in PakistanAlmost 31,000 of these deaths are due to exposure to secondhand smoke. Our health care system is already overburdened and smoking-related illnesses just add to the burden.

Vaping is new in Pakistan and most smokers do not know much about it. I started Cloud Street with the aim of bringing awareness about vaping in Pakistan. The idea is to inform smokers about the potential health risks associated with tobacco use and how vaping can help.